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Frequency Asked Questions


Q: What are the basic education requirements and qualifications I need?

A: We typically hire degree holders from recognized universities / institutions. However, in some cases we also consider non-degree holders with professional teaching qualifications from recognized language schools / teacher training schools.


Q: Do I need teaching certifications to apply the teaching roles?

A: Different positions require different qualification requirements. Some positions require specific types of certification such as TEFL or TESOL. Some positions may only require a basic Bachelor’s degree.


Q: When should I apply with Teach in Asia?

A: Please feel free to express your interests and apply anytime. Our recruitment consultant will contact you as soon as possible.


Q: What information should I provide for application?

A:  1) A CV with your education background and employment history

     2) A short paragraph introducing yourself and why you are interested in teaching in Asia

     3) The cities you are interested to work in 

     4) A recent photograph of yourself


Q: Can I apply before I graduate?

A: You can apply before you graduate; however, please state your anticipated graduation date and your availability.


Q: What is the typical application process?

A:  1) Email us with the listed information above

     2) Receive an email from our representative  

     3) Attend an telephone interview if your profile match with our any of our available vacancies

     4) Speak with one of our consultants and provide information for visa application

     5) Receive pre-departure assisting service

     6) Depart for Asia


Q: Once I have submitted my application, am I guaranteed an interview?

A: Only shortlisted candidates who match our the requirements of our available vacancies will be arranged an interview. However, all applicants will receive an email reply from our representatives after submitting an application. 


Q: Where are the jobs offered by Teach in Asia located? 

A: Teach in Asia works with a wide range of education institution across Asia. We have opportuniites to teach in Hong Kong, teach in Korea, teach in Vietnam, teach in Japan and many others. If you have a preference for a certain country or city, let us know and we will work with you to find your preferred job. 


Q: Will I need to pay for my own traveling expenses?

A: In some cases, candidates may need to pay in advance travelling expenses but may be reimbursed at a later time.


Q: Will TIA support my logistics arrangements?

A: Yes, TIA can provide you additional services on airfare and local logistics.


Q: Will TIA support us in accommodation arrangements? 

A: Yes, TIA can provide you additional services on accommodation arrangements.


Q: Do I require a visa for a teaching jobs in Asia?

A: Different countries / cities have different requirements. Our consultant will support you in your visa application.


Q: Will TIA charge me for job application?

A: No, we will not charge candidates for the job application. However, extra charges may be required for additional services, such as visa applications and travel arrangements.